Can Do Learners was founded by Abby Belasco, a wife, mom and teacher with over 15 years of classroom experience.

As a child, Abby was diagnosed with learning disabilities and thought she would never succeed; until her mom found a tutor named Lydia. Working with Lydia helped Abby gain confidence in herself, and her schoolwork started to improve.

Throughout her educational journey, Abby learned to believe in herself and became a teacher to share her love of learning with those who also struggled in a conventional classroom environment.

After earning a Master’s Degree in Literacy from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Abby’s professional experience in education began as a third grade teacher at Superior Elementary School in Superior, Colorado. She taught third grade for a decade, before switching to fourth grade. A year later, she earned her National Board Certification in Literacy.

Abby left the classroom, opting to work as a full-time mom, after the birth of her second child. But, the urge to teach was strong, and she couldn’t stay away for long! She started tutoring part-time in Central Park (Denver, CO).

Twenty five years and two neurodiverse children later, Abby is proud to be leading a team of educators in supporting children on their path to becoming Can Do Learners.